SOMOS® PERFOAMER: modular and Industry 4.0 capable

The innovative SOMOS® PERFOAMER manufacturing solution impregnates polymer pellets with CO2 and stores them to supply one or more connected injection molding machines. Once impregnated, the pellets can be directly processed.

The SOMOS® PERFOAMER consists essentially of a pressure vessel in which pellets are loaded with CO2 under pressure, a buffer tank for storing the impregnated pellets and the necessary internal pipework and fittings. This gas loading process proceeds under defined conditions with the assistance of an Industry 4.0 capable PLC controller which ensures consistent process quality. The system is operated with a user-friendly touchscreen display. Integral communications interfaces allow the SOMOS® PERFOAMER to be incorporated into higher-level control systems.

SOMOS® PERFOAMER has a buffer tank with a capacity of 250 l. This generously sized storage unit ensures a continuous supply of conditioned and loaded pellets for parts production in the injection molding machine. The output volume from SOMOS® PERFOAMER can if desired be divided between a number of processing machines. Depending on the material, continuous output volumes of up to some 60 kg/h are possible.


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