SOMOS® PERFOAMER´S mode of operation

Phase I (gas impregnation)

SOMOS® PERFOAMER applies pressure to the polymer with gaseous CO2 under defined conditions. As a result, the polymer’s CO2 content increases depending on its absorption capacity. Once this defined time has elapsed, the polymer has reached its maximum gas impregnation level.

Phase II (equilibration)

After transfer into the buffer tank, the gas-polymer mixture loses some of its absorbed gaseous CO2. A back-pressure applied in the buffer tank prevents any further reduction in the polymer’s gas content and an equilibrium is established.

Phase III (processing)

The pressurized buffer tank ensures that this equilibrium is held constant for the required further processing time. As a result, consistent quality of the gas-impregnated polymer is ensured over the desired processing period. Depending on the material, a dispensing unit sets fixed, continuous output volumes of up to some 60 kg/h.

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