The innovative SOMOS® PERFOAMER - the simple, multipurpose solution

SOMOS® PERFOAMER enables plastics processors to enjoy the benefits of the innovative "PLASTINUM® Foam Injection Moulding" process for the first time in industrial injection molding. Jointly developed in 2017 by Linde AG and Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid, this process combines the advantages of physical and chemical foaming. SOMOS PERFOAMER® is a universally applicable, easy to operate manufacturing solution. It is quick and straightforward to install which makes it ideally suitable both for new machines and for retrofitting to existing injection molding machines.

Benefits at a glance:

Considerable material savings

Using SOMOS® PERFOAMER, good foaming results can be achieved even with thin-walled components so enabling considerable material savings.

Higher productivity

In addition, the pellets' CO2 content reduces the viscosity of the polymer being processed, so improving melt fluidity. As a result, the material can be injected faster, so accelerating production and shortening cycle times.

Low capital costs

In comparison with compact injection molding, a lower mold filling pressure is required and a substantially lower holding pressure can also be used. As a result, it is often possible to use smaller injection molding machines and molds.

Suitable for any injection molding machine

The customer benefits from the simple handling and versatility of SOMOS® PERFOAMER for injection molding machines of any kind. While costly conversion is normally required, in this case there is no need for either a new screw or a new injection molding unit or back pressure controller. The only requirement is a shut-off nozzle and a screw position controller is advisable.

Usable for many materials

Virtually all usual polymers can be used, including bio-based and engineering materials and shear-sensitive thermoplastics and composites. If particularly high surface quality is desired, this can be achieved by additional steps such as gas counterpressure.

Weight reduction for selected polymers

The new technology allows weight reductions of up to 60% with conventional commercial polymers.

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