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              SOMOS® stationary resin dryers

              SOMOS® RDC stationary drying systems for moderate to large throughputs of over 1,000 kg/h.


              Modular SOMOS® RDC stationary drying systems are suitable for efficiently drying virtually any kind of hygroscopic polymer pellets and regrind. The material is dried with heated drying air, optimum air distribution in the material being dried ensuring uniformly good drying results. ProTec designs and supplies RDC drying systems made to measure for all polymer processing processes. Material throughputs meet demand from individual machines right up to a plant's entire installed base of machinery.


              Carousel boosts efficiency

              The RDC dry air generator operates on the carousel principle with up to five rotatably mounted desiccant bins and is capable of supplying air volumes of 300 m3/h to over 5,000 m3/h. Carousel operation avoids a cyclic changeover of desiccant bins and means that drying air with a constant low dew point of minus 35 °C is always available. The design and mode of operation of the carousel mean that drying air can be generated and desiccant regenerated simultaneously, the latter proceeding in a matter of a few minutes. To ensure energy efficiency, RDC dryers are equipped with energy-saving technologies which automatically respond to changes in ongoing operation: drying air throughput is automatically adapted to the dryer's current material throughput, while desiccant bed regeneration is adapted to the actual moisture loading of the polymer pellets, so ensuring an optimum desiccant residence time in the process.


              Simple commissioning and servicing

              The compact free-standing dryer unit can be located where desired and be flexibly expanded. A dry air generator can be equipped with up to 12 drying bin modules. Drying hopper modules with an effective capacity of 50 l to 600 l are available as standard. Dry air generators for large drying systems with bin sizes of an effective volume of up to 10,000 l are also available. Still larger systems can be supplied on request. An RDC drying system is simple to commission, clean and maintain.


              High-performance controller

              The user-friendly, Industry 4.0 capable SOMOS® control/excellence PLC-based touchscreen controller ensures energy-efficient drying, offering numerous drying parameters and logging functions tailored to the specific material. Changes during ongoing operation (fluctuations in throughput, material moisture content etc.) are automatically detected and corrected, for example the drying air volume of the hopper module is individually controlled.

              The stationary RDC drying system is designed as standard for drying temperatures of 60 °C to 140 °C, a high-temperature version for up to 200 °C also being available. Further options include a condensate separator for critical and contaminated polymers, a dew point sensor and a fine air filter for use in the production of optically sensitive components.

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