SOMOS® stationary resin dryersSOMOS® RDT stationary dryers for moderate throughputs

SOMOS® RDT stationary dry air dryers are of modular design and are suitable for efficiently drying hygroscopic polymer pellets and regrind. Having a variable drying air throughput of 140 to 250 m³/h, they are specifically designed for economically pre-processing moderate material throughputs of 50 to 200 kg/h. The dry air generator is a multi-chamber system with three desiccant bins, which ensures a consistently low residual moisture of the dry air under 100 ppm, so resulting in uniformly good drying results.

Compact design – flexible control

RDT dry air generators and drying bins are of a compact, matching design. The drying bins, which are square on the outside and cylindrical on the inside, can be fitted together to form a compact modular drying system comprising up to at most six bins in graduated sizes with effective hopper volumes ranging from 50 l to 300 l. Installation and commissioning of the drying system are simple, as are cleaning and servicing.

The PLC-based SOMOS® control/excellence dryer controller is easy to operate via touchscreen and is Industry 4.0 capable, offering numerous drying parameters and logging functions tailored to the specific material. To ensure energy efficiency, RDT dryers are equipped with energy-saving technologies which automatically respond to changes in ongoing operation: drying air throughput is automatically adapted to a module's current material throughput, while desiccant bed regeneration is adapted to the actual moisture loading of the adsorbent. The stationary RDT drying system is designed to handle drying temperatures of 60 °C to 140 °C as standard. A high-temperature version for up to 200 °C is also available. Further options include a condensate separator for critical and contaminated polymers and a dew point sensor.

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