SOMOS® crystallizersContinuous, efficient crystallization of amorphous PET

PET is an ideal polymer for producing packaging films, bottles, fibers and packaging tapes. Due to its hygroscopic properties, the material has to be dried at around 165°C before being processed. PET regrind, for example, must additionally be converted into cPET by a crystallization process due to its amorphous structure.

Thanks to their compact design, SOMOS® crystallizers are suitable for continuously and efficiently crystallizing amorphous PET. Optimum control of the air and processing temperature means they are capable of effectively and rapidly crystallizing amorphous PET. Even with comparatively small bin volumes of 200 l to 4,000 l, throughputs of up to 1,600 kg/h are possible in continuous operation. The bins can be automatically fed and emptied. The crystallizers have a user-friendly PLC-based controller with visual interface.

Controlling the crystallization process

Crystallizing PET demands precise temperature control of the material if the cPET final product is to have the desired properties after conversion. A stirrer keeps the regrind to be crystallized in constant motion in order to avoid agglutination. The robust stirrers in SOMOS® crystallizers are designed to provide long and reliable service. Formation of the crystalline PET structure eliminates the risk of agglutination during drying of the material.

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