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              Functional principle

              SOMOS® RDX attachment dryers are designed for drying small volumes of polymer pellets with throughputs of around 8 to 10 kg/h using in-plant compressed air. They are ProTec's way of providing an economic alternative to conventional drying systems (e.g. adsorption dryers): the compressed air technology used combines perfect drying results with minimal operating costs and virtually maintenance free operation.

              The attachment dryers are simple to install on processing machinery. The drying process efficiently makes use of predried air from the in-plant compressed air system, dry process air with a very low dew point being obtained by expanding the compressed air to atmospheric pressure. The air is then heated to the required drying temperature and distributed uniformly in the drying bin by means of a ring nozzle system.


              Automated drying procedures

              Thanks to the modular, "switch-over" design of the dryers, a single air compressor can supply a number of drying bins in parallel, which can be interconnected with further dryers in a remote mode. The dryers respond automatically to changing throughputs and adjust the drying temperature to current material consumption, reducing the temperature if production is interrupted. In the case of automatic dryer filling, sliding sensors on the drying hopper enable flexible filling level adjustment. Options include a SOMOS® RDX clean room variant and mobile trolley mounting of the small-volume dryer.

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