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              Mobile, stationary, modular, flexible

              SOMOS® resin dryer and drying systems

              With SOMOS® you get any amount of granulate perfectly dry.

              Whether for extruders or for injection molding machines - the high-performance SOMOS® resin dryers are the right choice for all types of pellets and regrind, all material quantities and all applications. They prove their worth thousands of times every day all over the world.


              Resin dryers for every application

              Do you dry small material quantities in the morning, large quantities at noon, and varying throughputs again the next day? Our granulate dryers can be flexibly adapted to your requirements.

              • Variable quantities: We offer you both stand-alone dryers as well as modularly designed and expandable systems. This gives you the flexibility to dry very small batches as well as very large material throughputs of plastic granulate.

              • This is how your material gets dry: Hot air dryers are used to preheat and remove surface moisture, dry air dryers - adsorption dryers - dry hygroscopic materials and compressed air dryers are particularly suitable for drying small quantities of plastic granulate.


              Perfect granulate drying has a name: SOMOS®

              Under the SOMOS® brand name, ProTec offers you:

              • RDX attachment dryers for existing compressed air for 1 to 40 kg/h

              • mobile resin dryers RDM with throughputs between 5 and 150 kg/h

              • stationary resin dryers RDF for plastic granulates up to 250 kg/h

              • combinable modular drying systems for variable pellet quantities

              • RDC dry air generators for up to 4,200 m3/h dry air

              • Crystallizers for amorphous PET up to 1,600 kg/h


              These six arguments speak for SOMOS® resin dryers


              Guaranteed optimum drying performance

              What you can rely on! Our dryers are designed to give you perfectly dried plastic pellets, with:

              • transport of the dried granules by means of drying air to the injection molding machines or extruder

              • an automatic control of the regeneration frequency

              • level measurement in the drying container

              • dew point sensors

              • optional drying with low temperature or high temperature

              • extensive recipe databases

              • optical and acoustic alarm signals

              • additional air conditioning of control cabinets

              • and many other features and options

              Optimal material properties through reproducible processes

              Success is no coincidence! You can repeat the perfect granulate drying process for your material at any time.

              User-friendly software

              Working with SOMOS® resin dryers is very easy: The PLC-based control system is self-explanatory, so you can operate it intuitively. It can be easily integrated into other machine control systems and is Industry 4.0-capable.

              Tailor-made resin drying

              No matter what requirements a job places on you - adapt your drying flexibly! With our stationary and mobile model variants, individually selectable equipment options and modular drying systems. So you get the right throughput every time.

              Maximum drying capacity in minimum space

              Space is money: our granulate dryers combine great performance with a space-saving design. With mobile side-by-side dryers and modular stationary drying systems, you can quickly adjust throughput in a small space.

              High energy efficiency

              Dryers from ProTec save energy and protect the environment. So you get perfectly dried plastic granulate with minimal energy consumption. For example, thanks to the Super-SOMOS® energy-saving functions and ALAV, the automatic control of the drying air volume depending on the material throughput.

              Do you have questions about optimal resin drying? Our experts will answer them!

              ProTec is a specialist in the handling and drying of granules. Our drying experts will be happy to give you non-binding tips and answer your questions:

              Termin vereinbaren!




              SOMOS® RDX - compressed air dryers

              RDX 2-27 attachment dryers for small volumes

              SOMOS® RDX attachment dryers are designed for drying small volumes of polymer pellets with throughputs of around 8 to 10 kg/h using in-plant compressed air. They are ProTec's way of providing an economic alternative to...

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              SOMOS_Resindryer_COMPRESSED AIR DRYERS_RDX

              SOMOS® RDM - mobile resin dryers

              RDM mobile dryers for moderate throughputs

              Thr mobile resin dryers SOMOS® RDM-10/30 to RDM-140/400 are designed for drying highly flowable, hygroscopic polymer pellets and regrind. They can be used flexibly as auxiliary units for supplying...

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              SOMOS® RDF - stationary resin dryers

              SOMOS® RDF stationary drying systems for moderate throughputs

              The SOMOS® RDF dryer is used for drying hygroscopic polymer pellets. It consists of compact RDF modules which can be flexibly combined, are capable of autonomous operation and have drying capacities of 10 kg/h to 250 kg/h per module.

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              SOMOS® RDC - stationary resin dryers

              SOMOS® RDC stationary drying systems for moderate to large throughputs of over 1,000 kg/h.

              Modular SOMOS® RDC stationary drying systems are suitable for efficiently drying virtually any kind of hygroscopic polymer pellets and regrind. The material is dried with heated drying air, optimum air distribution in the material being dried ensuring uniformly good drying results. ProTec designs and supplies...

              Find out more


              SOMOS® crystallizers

              Continuous, efficient crystallization of amorphous PET

              PET is an ideal polymer for producing packaging films, bottles, fibers and packaging tapes. Due to its hygroscopic properties, the material has to be dried at around 165°C before being processed. PET regrind, for example, must additionally be converted into cPET by a crystallization process due to its amorphous structure.

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              Four reasons why it is important to dry plastic pellets properly

              1. Temperature fluctuations and high humidity cause surface moisture to settle on pellets.

              2. Certain hygroscopic plastics, i.e. materials that attract and bind moisture in the air, store water molecules.

              3. If pellets that are not optimally dried are processed in injection molding machines or extruders, this will impair the quality of the molded part.

              4. The desired properties of a plastic pellet can only be achieved if the product-specific manufacturer's recommendations for the respective residual moisture tolerance are adhered to during processing.


              Quality problems when processing incorrectly dried pellets

              • If the plastic pellets are too moist, visual defects in the form of bubbles and streaks appear on the surface of the end product.

              • More serious, although not directly visible, are changes in physical properties caused by incorrectly dried pellets, such as a drop in melt viscosity.
                Depending on the raw material used, overdrying causes severe discoloration and a change in physical properties due to oxidation.
                In addition, components can outgas from the pellets and thus impair the desired functions and the usability of the end product.


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