SOMOS® Volmix MH15Volumetric single component dosing

The SOMOS® Volmix MH15 volumetric small-volume dosing unit continuously and highly accurately meters granular or pulverulent minor components (masterbatches, additives etc.) into a freely inflowing major component (pellets). A dosing screw introduces even tiny volumes into the process without pulsation. Five screw sets are available for adjusting the volume to be introduced. A static mixer finally ensures that a homogeneous mixture of the major and minor components flows into the processing machine.

The servo dosing drive covers a wide control range. The Volmix MH15 is operated via a high-performance interactive controller and can be installed in various ways not only on injection molding machines but also on extruders with the appropriate control functionality. The unit is simple to install and uninstall. Changes in formulation or cleaning are quick to carry out, minimizing downtime.


  • Extruder coupling
  • Filling level indicator
  • High-temperature version for up to 160°C
  • Integration of existing conveyor technology

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