SOMOS® Gramix ExactDosGravimetric ultra-small-volume dosing

The SOMOS® Gramix ExactDos dosing system is specifically designed for ultra-small volumes from a minimum throughput of 200 g/h (approx. 3.3 g/min) and can be combined with any continuous dosing unit. A minimum throughput of as little as 80 g/h is even possible in a special version, but this entails preliminary dosing tests. The unit reliably meters flowable bulk materials directly and without pulsation into the material inlet for a complete mixture. These small volumes of materials can be directly processed without having to be premixed with a carrier substance. The load cell's high resolution results in high dosing responsiveness and reproducibility.

The Gramix ExactDos dosing cylinder is designed for a throughput of up to around 3 kg/h. Replacing the cylinder with a dosing screw means throughputs of up to 60 kg/h can be achieved, so distinctly increasing the dosing range.

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