SOMOS® BatchmixGravimetric batch dosing

In gravimetric batch dosing, the required mixture of materials is made up by weighing out the components in a single batch on the basis of the formulation. A number of individual batches are homogenized in a downstream mixer from which they can be withdrawn as required. ProTec's SOMOS® Batchmix gravimetric batch dosing units offer reproducible, high levels of dosing accuracy. Both the weighing bin and the downstream mixing bin are each equipped with two load cells to ensure maximum accuracy. The optimized dosing slide valves are even capable of handling regrind with a bulk density of as little as 400 g/l.

For throughputs of up to 1,900 kg/h

Batchmix dosing units are suitable for supplying both injection molding machines and extruders with multi-component mixtures and throughputs of 100 kg/h to 1,900 kg/h. The smart, Industry 4.0 capable batch dosing units are available in three sizes M (up to 240 kg/h), L (up to 1,100 kg/h) and XL (up to 1,920 kg/h). Each is capable of handling up to six flowable components (and can also be retrofitted with expansion modules). All three models can be equipped with SOMOS® suction conveyors for automatically filling material storage bins. The SOMOS® control/professional touchscreen controller with graphical user interface ensures user-friendly, intuitive operation. The controller is also capable of simultaneously controlling extruder throughput.


  • Ethernet communications
  • Integration of conveying system
  • Extruder control
  • Extraction control

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