Smart dosing and mixing technologyEnsuring the highest quality for your plastics

Accurate dosing and mixing of components are vital to the production of high-quality material mixtures. The latest smart systems are essential for reproducibly producing a uniform material mixture which complies with its formulation.

ProTec delivers this technology with the SOMOS® Gramix, SOMOS® Volmix, SOMOS® Batchmix and SOMOS® MiniMix dosing and mixing units. Depending on the task in hand, the machines operate continuously or batchwise, gravimetrically or volumetrically and can handle throughputs of 150 g/h to 2,500 kg/h. They are of modular design and expanding the dosing systems to handle up to nine components or changing over to another dosing process is straightforward.

The dosing and mixing systems can reliably produce the most varied formulations with many different raw materials and auxiliaries. The high-performance machine controller records all essential formulation and process parameters for logging and traceability, facilitates data evaluation and so lays the foundation for successful plastics production.

Sample applications

  • Spunbonded nonwoven lines
  • Blown film extrusion lines
  • Tube and profile extrusion lines
  • Thermoforming film extrusion lines
  • Tape lines
  • Film extrusion lines
  • Artificial grass lines (monofilaments/artificial turf)
  • Injection molding lines
  • Compounding lines

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Gravimetric dosing

Gravimetric dosing with ProTec systems

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Volumetric dosing

Volumetric dosing with ProTec systems

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