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              Automatic and rapid Material Feed

              SOMOS® Individual Conveyors 


              SOMOS® FG individual conveyors are specifically designed for the requirements of injection molding and extrusion. These suction conveyors are simple to handle and pneumatically convey pellets, powders and regrind with throughputs of 1 kg/h to 5,000 kg/h over a distance of up to 150 m. All ProTec's SOMOS® conveyors are equipped with the user-friendly SOMOS® control/basic controller. Automatically self-cleaning conveying air filters are available as an option.


              Wide variety of systems

              Depending on throughput and material properties, various models with volumes from 1.5 l to 280 l are available. The housings of conveyors of up to 9 l are made from transparent polyamide, suitable for bulk material surface temperatures of up to 80°C. For higher material surface temperatures, stainless steel material bins which are designed for temperatures of up to 150°C are used. ProTec can supply a high-temperature version for up to 180°C as an option. Conveyors for highly abrasive materials are made from stainless steel and fitted with wear-resistant flap valves and suitable baffle plates. Turbine conveyors are available for relatively low throughputs, while individual conveyors with a separate blower for generating a vacuum may be used for higher throughputs.


              Two-component conveying

              The SOMOS® 2-K two-component conveyor can feed processing machines with a two-component material mixture in any desired ratio. In this case, two materials are alternately layered in the conveying bin, after which they mix with one another by during discharge. The conveyor achieves this by having two material inlets equipped with individually switchable valves. The mixing ratio is defined by the respective valve switching times for the filling operation.

              The SOMOS® MFG mixing conveyor operates similarly. It alternately conveys the two materials, for example virgin material and regrind. Once the conveyed material bin has been filled, air aspirated from below swirls the bulk materials with one another. Only then is the bin emptied.

              The SOMOS® MFG-E is another suction conveyor in which the conveyed material is simultaneously dedusted. This is achieved by continuing to draw air through the material in the conveyor after conveying. During the resultant swirling and mixing, dust and small particles are simultaneously removed from the conveyed material with the suction air and then separated out with a filter.

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