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              Conveying any plastics processing materials

              SOMOS® Conveying Systems 


              SOMOS® multiple feed conveying systems operate by the pneumatic suction conveying principle and convey any plastics processing materials at throughputs of 1 kg/h up to 5,000 kg/h over distances of up to 150 m. Transparent polyamide and stainless steel housings are available. The basic configuration of the multiple feed conveying systems includes automatically self-cleaning central filters, safety filters, and material sorting gates. Depending on requirements, various user-friendly controllers are available, some with communication interfaces to the customer's PDA and ERP systems. Like the individual conveyors, the stainless steel conveyed material bin is available in an optional high-temperature version for temperatures up to 180°C. Conveyors for highly abrasive materials are made from stainless steel with wear-resistant flap valves and suitable baffle plates. ProTec can also supply special designs for poor-flowing regrinds and powders. The systems can be equipped alternatively with conventional line blowers or with a central vacuum system, the modern, energy-efficient variant.


              Central vacuum – demand-controlled and energy-efficient

              Suction conveying systems are the established solution for conveying pellets to processing machinery in plastics manufacturing. Using a central vacuum system, also known as a central vacuum network (CVN), significantly improves the economic viability of these systems. A number of conveyors are operated in parallel for simultaneously supplying processing machines. Unlike in conventional vacuum line systems, in a CVN the prevailing material demand determines power consumption. A smart CVN only draws the amount of energy which is required to convey the currently demanded volume of material. Only the drop in vacuum brought about by the conveying cycle has to be made good. This is achieved with highly efficient frequency-controlled vacuum pumps. This load-dependent control method means that the maximum installed capacity need not be permanently used and therefore a CVN permits substantial savings of energy and thus of electricity costs.


              Compact, clean solutions

              ProTec installs the vacuum generator for the CVN in a separate room away from the production area, so leaving valuable production area unoccupied. The nuisance caused at workstations by dusty or oily exhaust air and noise from the vacuum pumps and blower is eliminated. Automatically self-cleaning central filters with a large filter area are integrated in the vacuum line to protect the vacuum pumps from drawing in dust. A CVN requires substantially less maintenance than individual distributed suction conveying blowers. A further plus point is that the heat from the blower exhaust air can be recovered centrally.


              On demand

              • Hoppers and accessories
              • Intermediate and holding bins, storage bins, day bins
              • Mixing bins
              • Stirred bins
              • Weighing bins
              • Bag filling equipment and accessories
              • Big Bag emptying equipment and accessories
              • Material sorting gates
              • Coupling stations
              • Rotary feeders
              • Cyclones
              • Shut-off valves and flap valves
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