Efficient conveyors and conveying systemsEconomic materials handling in manufacturing

ProTec's SOMOS® high-performance conveyors and conveying systems are designed for pellets, regrind and powders in the plastics industry. They automatically, reliably and efficiently feed bins, balances, mixers, dosing units, drying systems and processing machinery for injection molding and extrusion. Conveyed material bins are available in transparent polyamide and in stainless steel. The conveyors are very quick and simple to clean. This saves time and costs, in particular in the case of frequent material changes and short production runs.

Individual conveyers

SOMOS® individual conveyors, made in transparent polyamide or stainless steel depending on application, operate by the pneumatic suction conveying principle, so permitting material throughputs of 1 kg/h up to 5,000 kg/h over distances of up to 150 m. In its basic configuration, each conveyor includes a conveyed material bin, an integral or separate blower and the SOMOS® control/basic controller.

Multiple feed conveying systems

SOMOS® multiple feed conveying systems are a combination of a number of conveyors supplied by a vacuum blower. The vacuum line has integral self-cleaning central filters to protect the blower from drawing in dust. Depending on requirements, various user-friendly controllers are available. The premium version is equipped with communication interfaces to the customer's PDA and ERP systems.

Individual conveying systems

ProTec also plans and constructs individually tailored conveying systems. Being a one-stop shop, ProTec has specialists who draw on their engineering expertise to design appropriate system components from hopper storage via materials conveying to processing machinery. Systems operate by pneumatic suction or pressure or, where materials require gentle handling, dense phase conveying. Material throughputs of 1,000 kg/h up to 20,000 kg/h over distances of up to 200 m can be achieved by pressure conveying, while throughputs of 1 kg/h up to 5,000 kg/h and distances of up to 150 m are possible with suction conveying.

Appropriate conveying lines

Piping of stainless steel or glass and flexible conveying hoses are used for materials conveying. Designs can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Pipes are joined by gas-tight pipe couplings or screwed flange connections. Pipe diameters range from 35 mm to 200 mm.

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