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Our systems and machines are in operation around the clock, so our services are permanently available to ensure trouble-free operation. Tailored service packages and maintenance contracts mean you can reliably plan for success with us not only as a system and engineering partner but also as a service partner.

Our services

  • Installation & commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Spare parts

Installation & commissioning

We install not only individual machines for conveying, dosing and drying but also complete materials handling systems and LFT and SSP lines. Proper installation and commissioning are vital if our systems and lines are to function at their best. Our multi-skilled team of specialists with their many years of experience are here to help. In particular if you are expanding or relocating your plant, you will be supported by the same team who are familiar with it from the initial installation. The close internal working relationship between the service department and the project development and production divisions means our procedures are streamlined.


We will recommend the ideal maintenance intervals for your systems and will issue maintenance reminders every twelve or six months. We will keep your systems right up to date by updating work, such as replacing (control) software or equipment parts. If no maintenance contract has been agreed, we can survey your plant and equipment and quote for an appropriate maintenance plan. In addition to our own products, we can also maintain third party machinery.


If, despite all precautions and preventive maintenance, repairs to our machines and systems do prove necessary, our service engineers will, after a preliminary analysis, repair them directly on site. You can also send damaged parts and machines directly to us for testing and repair. We will eliminate the fault within the shortest possible time, so minimizing downtime. If more time-consuming work is required, we will loan you a suitable replacement.

Spare parts

If you need spare parts, we can dispatch them by courier and express delivery within 24 hours from order – worldwide. Our large stocks of spare parts means we can ensure short response times. Customers should still hold stocks of certain spare parts in accordance with scheduled maintenance intervals – we would be happy to advise.

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Head of Sparte Parts & Consulting Stefano Falcomer