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              Innovative solutions in light-weight construction.

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              Research and Development

              • Our LFT is suitable for the production of wide range of materials with different fiber reinforcements and a diverse polymer matrix, which is also compounded directly during the LFT production.

              • We offer a fully equipped technical laboratory for trials and development of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) in granulate form, as strands, as profile for direct extrusion and as direct extrusion UD tapes (uni-directionally reinforced tapes).

              • Even the combination of carbon fiber with PP, which is technically difficult, can be reliably implemented. An extensively equipped, versatile pultrusion system is available in the technical center for application-specific customer tests as well as for the basic process and material development.

              • State of the art testing laboratory which is highly flexible and designed to serve for variable recipes.



              • Standard & custom line

              • High-quality fiber impregnation

              • Fully automated operation

              • Runs numerous fiber & thermoplastic combinations

              • Development of individual LFT formulations

              • LFT sample pre-production

              • Throughputs up to 1,000 kg/h

              • Compatible with SOMOS® materials handling systems

              • Technical support & advice


              Produce as per your desire

              • We offer most modern and well-equipped LFT toll compounding and bulk production facility which is sophistically equipped with all up-stream and down-stream equipments for LFT – G (long fibre technology for granulates).

              • Depending on various materials and formulations, the production charges vary from 100 – 1000 Kg/hr with the line speeds from 7 – 50 m /min.

              • In practice, LFT materials with fiber lengths of 7 mm to 25 mm are common. In injection molding process, LFT results in highly resilient lightweight components with very good surface quality at the same time, as is required above all in the automotive industry.



               LFT system development

              • We design and supply a LFT system concept tailored to respective requirements, completely from a single source, from material development to testing and commissioning at the customer's site.

              • LFT systems can reach a length of up to 40 m.

              • Plants for fiber contents of up to 60% by weight and throughputs of up to 1,000 kg/h are implemented.

              • All common thermoplastics up to bioplastics such as PLA (polylactic acid) serve as a matrix. Glass, steel or carbon fibers are used as reinforcement fibers.

              • A central system component is a high-performance compounding extruder, equipped with a gravimetric dosing system SOMOS® Gramix, which can precisely dose and mix up to nine components.

              • A wide range of individual formulations of the polymer matrix can thus be produced very flexibly directly in the process. Recycling material and additional fillers can also be integrated into the material recipe.

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              8 Strands Lab Scale Line

              • For development and R&D

              • Small Batch productions


              16/32 Strands Mid Production Line

              • Medium - Sized production line


              36/64 Strands Production Line

              • High-capacity production line

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