New high-throughput gravimetric batch dosing unit

Bensheim and Düsseldorf, 19 October 2016 – ProTec Polymer Processing, the international system supplier to the plastics industry, will premiere the SOMOS® Batchmix XL batch dosing unit for flowable multi-component mixtures at K 2016. This new, high quality and user friendly unit extends the Batchmix series to high throughputs of up to 1,900 kg/h, offering high dosing accuracy at an attractive price/performance ratio. The other models in the series are the Batchmix M for throughputs of up to 240 kg/h and the Batchmix L for up to 1,100 kg/h. These gravimetric Batchmix dosing units are suitable for supplying multi-component mixtures to both injection moulding machines and extruders. All three models are capable of handling up to six flowable components (and can also be retrofitted with expansion modules) and can be equipped with SOMOS® vacuum conveyors for automatically filling material storage bins.

These intelligent, Industry 4.0-capable batch dosing units are easy and intuitive to operate via the SOMOS® control/professional touchscreen controller with its graphical user interface. Formulations can be stored in a networkable controller's local storage where they are directly available for use. A standard USB interface allows formulations and data to be exported and further, externally stored formulations to be imported. The controller is also capable of simultaneously controlling extruder throughput. Conveying devices can also be integrated as standard. In order to prevent unauthorised changes by line operators, the controller has two operating levels with password protected access to the administrator level.

High-precision gravimetric batch dosing

In gravimetric batch dosing, the required mixture of materials is obtained by weighing out the components in a single batch on the basis of the formulation. A number of individual batches pass into a downstream mixer and, once homogenised, can be taken from the hopper as required. ProTec's SOMOS® Batchmix series of gravimetric batch dosing units offers reproducible, high levels of metering accuracy. This is achieved by equipping both the weighing hopper and the downstream mixing hopper with two load cells. The optimised dosing devices are even capable of handling regrind with a bulk density of as little as 400 g/l.

With the high-performance, energy-efficient equipment and lines for pre-processing flowable plastics presented at K 2016, ProTec covers the entire process chain from conveying and drying to dosing and mixing whether for injection moulding or for extrusion.

ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH based in Bensheim, Germany, has been a recognised partner to plastics processing and manufacturing companies for many years. Its service portfolio includes systems for the efficient handling of plastic materials, turn-key systems for solid-state post-condensation of plastics, recycling lines as well as complete systems for producing long-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFT pultrusion lines). As a member of the Schoeller Group, ProTec Polymer Processing has access to a global sales and service network and has the ideal infrastructure in place to provide comprehensive on-site customer support.