Benefit from our engineering know-how.

We build and supply plastics processing lines and systems around the world

ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH, headquartered in Bensheim, Germany, is an international systems supplier to the plastics industry. We build and supply lines and systems for materials handling, polymer treatment, recycling and complete systems for producing long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT-pultrusion lines). Our products and solutions help put plastics manufacturers and processors on the road to success in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.

Your partner with the skills

Our day-to-day work is hugely diverse and goes far beyond just developing and implementing tailored solutions for you our customers. We think of you as our partners. We are by your side, advising you from an initial assessment of needs, through planning and implementation of processing steps, design and calculation of the processes used right up to delivery. And, after installation and commissioning, we train your staff to use the technology. Our interdisciplinary teams are made up of highly experienced specialists whose complementary skills cover the entire plastics manufacturing and processing value chain. Quality and service are our keywords. So we're there for you round the clock, working hard to stimulate growth and create synergies with our partners around the world.